Mealhero stories

Tasty and healthy food made simple.
These Mealheroes tell you why.

Stepahnie Wauters
Sofie 1
Lore Sauvage

Lore, Louis and Victoria

At first, I was a bit hesitant. I've been used to steaming the regulars: broccoli, carrots and some potatoes but wasn't very sure to cook meat or poultry.

And I mist say ... I was hugely surprised. All meals are seasoned very well, real chef material. Most importantly: the kids love it.


The one and only perfect solution for my quick healthy lunch. Taking care of two small children, managing my own business and keeping the house "on point" isn't easy. Cooking time is mostly last on my mind.

Everything's steamed and flavours are a-ma-zing! We simply cooking whatever we feel like at that exact time.

Tom and Stephanie

Mealhero is our go to after a busy and exhausting workday. Our kids love it, and that says a lot! We actually have two smart steam ovens and like to cook up two different meals.

Our kids get to taste new flavours and eat a lot of vegetables. And oh yes, also the parents get to try out new things.


Freshly cooked, great taste and zero hassle whatsoever. Look no further, Mealhero is your guy!

Lynn and family

Busy mom? That's quite the understatement. I used to be the take-out queen, but raising a family is more than fries and pizza. With Mealhero, I'm able to cook healthy and simple meals which we all like. That's it!