We're all about sustainability



Did you know that our packages are made from a specially selected material which consists of 50% recycled PET? We'd love to go completely biodegredable, unfortunetaly, there isn't a package which doesn't have an effect on your food's taste and color whilst keeping in the freezer. We're constantly on the hunt for more!



Everything that's delivered to you is 100% recycable. Our cardboard boxes are 100% recycled paper and you're able to 100% recycle your food packages in blue PET bags.



All our food partners, suppliers, butchers and farmers are within a 30 minute drive away from us. Think local, right?


Food waste

Nothing has an impact on ecology like food waste. All our ingredients are freshly frozen, meaning you can store them for up to 6 months. Giving you plenty of time to eat everything instead of throwing it out.



We intentionally deliver you larger order and less frequent. Mealhero brings you 20 meals every 4 weeks, not 5 meals every 1 week.


Shorter chain

Food travels, a lot! Farmer, supplier, distributor, packer, store and so on. We'd like to keep things short. From farm directly to your freezer.

What are your sustainability tips and tricks?

Nobody's perfect, so we'd love to learn from you. Share your sustainability tips and tricks at info@mealhero.me